Monday, November 23, 2015

Treasure Of My Holy Grail

Treasure Of My Holy Grail
© Surazeus
2015 11 23

Sun gleams gold on pine trees that bow their heads
and pray to wind for white jewels and rain.
After drinking peach wine, Death walks alone
in long black coat, then turns to burning sun
and snaps a selfie of his eyeless face
with glass eye phone that flashes supernova.
If you remember well his secret name
you will win treasure of my Holy Grail.

Old blind man kneels by ancient sprawling oak
and carves name of Iduna in its flesh,
then wraps red robe about his crackling bones
and steps on wood boat that floats on lost river.
Each book you open in library hall
details the life of another dead soul.
If you solve formulas in Book of Spells
you will win treasure of my Holy Grail.

I carved and polished smooth each square white stone,
then laid it neat, aligned with shining stars,
on clean-paved floor of Glastonbury Abbey
where Eleanor of Aquitaine sings hymn.
We play chess game of power in stone halls
and crucify son of Jesus each Christmas.
If you can decipher this secret code,
you will win treasure of my Holy Grail.

One mask among ten thousand on oak trees,
that smile and frown where ravens play at dawn,
I take one face down every afternoon
and become that ancestor in my soul.
Owl of my mother is stamped on gold coins
that purchase salvation to enter Eden.
If you can unlock gate of paradise
you will win treasure of my Holy Grail.

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