Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Heaven We Created

Heaven We Created
© Surazeus
2015 11 10

Carla grasps his arm and stares in his eyes.
"Though I fell through infinite hole of fear
in cracked ice of my mind, and tumbled wingless
on mute howling winds of aching despair,
your words of compassion spread net of love
that cradles me now in hands of your heart.
Clear in blackness of this weird meaningless world
your eyes glimmer bright as my guiding light
and lure me back to warm glow of your heart."

He smiles and falls backward in gleaming snow
that shimmers bright red under weeping moon.
Kneeling over his body, she leans down
and covers her head with both trembling arms,
then closes her eyes to block lifeless gaze.

Soft gunshot cracks midnight mirror of hope.

Sharp sting of love pierces her throbbing heart
and warm compassion for all living creatures
spreads across her breast in river of hope.
Opening her eyes at dark end of time,
she caresses his pale cold cheek and smiles.
"His bullets of hate found us in our heaven.
You tried to save me from my cruel step-dad,
who raped me for six years since I was nine.
I guess we could not escape him forever.
For seven days we lived in paradise
free from his snarl, foul cigarettes, and beer.
I wonder where he buried my kind mother
after he strangled her when I was ten?
We traveled together through woods of freedom,
watching deer play, listening to birds sing,
and feeling sun shimmer on fields of snow.
Where could we go in all of Minnesota
to create our own heaven free of him?
Eternal hour of peaceful hope and love
we shared on small hill among leafless trees,
watching purple river flow in snow flakes.
We savored all eternity of love
together in sweet heaven we created.
You were my angel in a world of devils."

Kissing his lips, she sinks into mute black.

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