Sunday, November 22, 2015

Grape Vines Of My Heart

Grape Vines Of My Heart
© Surazeus
2015 11 22

Sunrays weave flashing beams of dreaming light
through pulsing fabric of my virtual brain
that generates model of our universe
which mirrors calculations of desire.

I stand on hillside in hot pulsing rays
of sunlight, and pluck grapes from tangled vines
that glitter green like eyes of girl I love
who kneels and tends white roots in dew-wet soil.

Althaia tromps on grapes in wooden vat
and I pour wine in cups of everyone
who gathers in the hall of Laphrion
while Zygos sings the tale of Kalydon.

Stars twinkle bright in eyes of my sweet love
whose belly swells round as grapes on long vines,
and tears of sorrow spill on burning brand
when our son is gored by the snorting boar.

I stare forlorn at Barasoba peak
where silver clouds shimmer with ache of loss,
then drink another glass of wine and sing
of demons haunting Arakynthos woods.

My aging body vanishes in wind
as I wander singing on pebbled beach
of laughing Euenos River at dawn
and stare at broken ship buried in sand.

My father Okeanos long ago
brought me and basket of grapes on this ship
and taught me how to cultivate the vine
then sailed away on ocean waves of hope.

Though my flesh dissolves at flowing of time
I carve my name, Oineus, on granite stone
where all my children gather at warm hearth
my hands erected from wild bleeding land.

Drink deep sweet wine from tendril vines of love
that curl from out the beating of my heart
and I will wake inside your dreaming mind
as you gaze at mute mountain of my bones.

Through ten thousand years of empires and wars
I wake again each life inside your minds
when ache of love is wakened by the wine
that sprouts here from the lush soil of my heart.

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