Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Quest For My Holy Grail

Quest For My Holy Grail
© Surazeus
2015 11 25

When I was but a restless wild-eyed youth
I journeyed on a quest to find the truth.
I set forth to find my true Holy Grail,
vowing to ascend the pyramid scale.

I walked from Seattle across the land
with a dream-weaving guitar in my hand.
I sang by rivers sea to shining sea
and searched for the secret to living free.

I walked on highways in the sun and rain
and thought about our games of loss and gain.
I stood on street corners to play and sing
of people seeking life though church bells ring.

I stood on the watch tower in silent night
and sang each time a child was born in light.
I heard ancient truth blowing in the wind
and tended the fire when hungry death grinned.

While lost on my quest for the Holy Grail
I found long-dead kings in a fairy tale.
I found the Holy Grail on a dark night
when Mermaid appeared in a blaze of light.

The Holy Grail is the Sang Israal,
Blood of Israel born in the ancient hall.
Mary Magdalene is Mother Mermaid
whose sacred womb our living bodies made.

Jesus was married and died long ago
and his billion children still live and grow.
The wife of Jesus, Mary Magdalene,
is our First Mother so we sing Amen.

I see their children in a shining cloud,
Meroveus, Constantine, Arthur, and Cloud.
From bold Charlemagne sons of Jesus spring
and rule every nation with angel wing.

When Pharamund married Argotta Queen
they merged the tribes of Jesus and Odin.
We built the Magda Tower on every hill
and gathered to sing by each sparkling rill.

Though Jesus is dead his soul is alive
in the genes of his children who survive.
I found Jesus in the genes of my heart
on the quest I map with a coded chart.

The sons of Jesus for two thousand years
rule kingdoms and nations of social spheres.
Now we vote for his sons as president
who descend from the line Plantagenet.

I found no evidence of the afterlife
but empires clash in religious strife.
We create heaven here and now on Earth
where everyone alive has equal worth.

Jesus is dead but his teaching rings true,
treat others as you would have them treat you.
I found the Holy Grail guiding my life,
Mother creates life as the Holy Wife.

We live with joy then disappear at death,
singing with passion till our final breath.
We will not resurrect after we die
but live forever in children we raise.

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