Sunday, November 15, 2015

Adel Termos Hero Of Beirut

Adel Termos Hero Of Beirut
© Surazeus
2015 11 15

Malak holds hand of her father Adel
as they stroll laughing in old market maze
of Bourj al-Barajneh in shining Beirut
when sun shimmers gold in clear evening sky.

Lifting his daughter on his shoulders high
so she can see old bearded singer chant,
who plucks silver strings of his wood Kanun,
Adel Termos hums along with his tune.

Smiling and waving to family and friends
as they stroll through market in evening crowd,
Adel buys his daughter sweet baklava,
and she licks honey that sticks to her hands.

Shuddering blast of fire blooms like an apple
that hangs ripe and wet with cool dew at dawn,
and Adel crouches down at shock of flames
to protect Malak who trembles in fear.

Cradling his daughter safe in stalwart arms,
Adel stares in shock to see twisted cars
and bodies of people mangled by blast
as blood of their spirits stains the world red.

Spotting young man wearing suicide vest,
who runs toward crowd, shouting "Allah is great!"
Adel kisses Malak with aching love,
then runs forward swift as a leaping lion.

Adel clutches the startled terrorist
and tackles him down away from the crowd,
and explosion of fire tears him apart,
scattering his soul to the howling wind.

Courageous spirit of Adel stands tall
like green-limbed Cedar on high mountain top,
stretching his arms wide over Lebanon
to protect his people from flames of death.

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