Saturday, January 9, 2016

Road Of Immortality

Road Of Immortality
© Surazeus
2016 01 09

Dark silence of infinite time extends
beams of light from expanding web that snares
my leaping heart without wings that pretends
to understand spiraling stellar flares.

I wear no mask of individual face
for I am every creature who exists,
performing archetypal role to base
immortal soul of man where none persists.

Each flashing day I wear your special name
and cycle through long lives till final death
reveals why random people enjoy fame
while most struggle to survive with each breath.

Countless trillions of humans lived and died,
waking from dream of hunger to express
passion of joy, but drown in seething tide
of constant change, so we die to progress.

I am every nameless person who sought
mystic vision of love on quest for truth
but wandered lost without clear guiding plot
and now are dust trodden by feet of youth.

Taut web of starlight I feel sparkle hope
through tendrils of nerves that trigger my soul
so I perceive rules of dramatic scope
explain cause and effect of chess from scroll.

Whole world spools atoms to create my mind
that flashes awake in sweet hour of life
between infinite times of death that bind
walls of paradise we construct through strife.

Find carved on secret mountain my dream code
that will reveal mystery of soul rebirth
so follow signs of metaphors on road
that lead you seven times around whole Earth.

I follow road of immortality
through labyrinth of faces we all wear
to stand on pyramid with Liberty
who urges I act though life is not fair.

When Helius invented fast-spinning wheel
he taught us how to flow with changing time
so we survive by trusting what is real
and laugh when God is performed by first mime.

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