Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Floating Trees Of Forever

Floating Trees Of Forever
© Surazeus
2016 01 13

Elegy for Carolyn Wright 1949-2016

I open door to our forgotten room
where I find smiling face you left behind.
You step through broken mirror to touch
rotting apple where I hide secret love.

You have no face so I give you my face
and now everyone thinks I have no face.
I disappear in floating beam of light
that blind raven brings to me from your hand.

I may seem an old woman with leaf hair
but I drink death to stay forever young.
Each time he thinks he finds me again, I
slip through labyrinth of words in my book.

I count photons that shimmer past in waves
of silent songs I hear you all record.
My heart is your black hole of true desire
from which I holograph play of our love.

My face is that blank clock that never turns
key of salvation to release swift stream.
Keep my face in locked drawer of your work desk,
filed with surreal photos and tax receipts.

This hour of infinite time I design
collage of nameless faces for pretend.
Why do you stand at midnight by brick wall
and recite magic spells I threw away?

My eye divides and becomes all your eyes
but I cannot recognize face you see.
Calculate speed of light to catch my heart
but I escape on whole Icarian tongue.

Each new door I open closes your door
so I paint one letter of your true name.
I think you assembled from swirling dust,
molded from archetype I want to love.

Though I am now dead, my secret lost voice
finds itself singing from your open mouths.
I paint your face on my locked bedroom door
and pray, but you never spring from wet green.

Your words that you scribble on vanished page
reveal my face that you could never see.
I am every atom that zings and sparks
to weave galaxies of my love for you.

Climb floating tree of forever with me
while we paint our faces on stones of Earth.
We are night air and our eyes are old stars
and our voices are wind stirring dead leaves.

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