Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Key To Her Labyrinth

Key To Her Labyrinth
© Surazeus
2016 01 20

Her black eyes, large as ocean of star light,
encompass my whole world in swirling mist
that leads me through pathless forest of pines
to mountain cave where she sings by warm fire.

Gazing in bottomless abyss of my soul,
she extends both hands toward me with fierce hope,
then opens them wide to reveal red egg
while three thousand butterflies veil her face.

I trudge cement streets among city towers,
clutching black book where I write magic spells
that conjure visions before eyes of dreamers,
and long to find key to her labyrinth.

Alone in hushed library full of readers,
I open eight thousand books full of words
that squirm and slither in my aching heart,
and wings of hope grow tearing through my shoulders.

I stand on apartment roof before dawn,
staring blind through drizzling rain of despair,
till flash of white light opens door of love
and she descends on wings of crackling fire.

Her long black hair weaves fabric of this world,
eternal goddess who creates all life,
and threads gold owl wings she sews on my back,
so I leap off foundation of baked stone.

Holding my hand, she shoots among clouds,
soaring over mountain covered in snow,
leads me back over continents and seas,
and sets me shivering in old temple ruins.

Alone in dark mist-shrouded Parthenon,
I stare at statue of Athena Aethyia
that holds bright in extended marble hand
diamond-flashing key to her labyrinth.

Grasping it tight in trembling hand of flesh,
I stand before door on mountain of stars
and open mirror of visions where play
tales of every person who ever lived.

Through infinite flow of history I swim,
dreaming life of every person who lived,
savoring sorrow and joy of each mind
that sparkles in galaxy of my brain.

I write their stories in genetic verse
that coil in spirals of harmonious tunes
to weave all our hearts on grapevines of eyes
which binds dust of our globe with threads of light.

Waking in mind of every living soul,
I look at myself wearing countless masks
of pulsing brains marked with letters of names
that form secret key to her labyrinth.

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