Sunday, January 3, 2016

On Han River Shore

On Han River Shore
© Surazeus
2016 01 03

Should we meet by warm glow of Banpo Bridge
and mix our hearts in cool nourishing stream
of Rainbow Fountain where Bright Moon shines gold
to cast love letters on Han River flow?

I weep because we can no longer sail
wide sparkling stream of Han River at dawn
for now our hearts are divided in twain
so no one will read lover letters we lost.

Should we meet in glade of Mount Namsan
where Hwang Chini will sing our tragic tale
by light of sad Bright Moon who plays flute
that leads us wandering on Han River shore?

We live together in shadowy woods
with no one for friends but water and stone,
bamboo and pine, for none but rising Moon
will know we call this lonely glade our home.

Pure snow flakes melt as storm clouds gather dark
and spring flowers wither in my trembling hands,
but though we grow old as lonely sun fades
we dwell together on Han River shore.

We could travel far to Naksansa Shrine
and pray to Gwanseum Bosal for mercy,
but she stands mute and blind, forever stone,
so we must remain on Han River shore.

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