Thursday, January 21, 2016

Revelation In Moon Garden

Revelation In Moon Garden
© Surazeus
2016 01 21

Dressed in long black coat and tattered blue jeans,
Rick stands in park among whispering trees
and curls his fingers when distant black clouds
flash gold with lightning in red sunset rain.
"I channel bright flash of electric light
through sizzling wires of my conducive body,
and concentrate discipline of my mind
to focus power in swirling ball of flame.
We are connected to soul of this world
that animates material of all objects
when Prime Mover first created whole sphere
to nourish imperfect bodies of flesh.
Plato envisioned realm of perfect Ideas,
that Augustine named Heaven where God dwells,
depicting this world as imperfect forms
that decay from perfect eternal state.
Aristotle envisioned natural purpose
innate within substance of growing forms
that urge transformation from origin
so we strive to attain state of perfection.
Wise poet of lush Persia named Hafez
once wrote popular proverb that guides me,
declaring, this place where you are right now
God circled on world map for you to live."

Dressed in long brown coat and flowing green skirt,
Christine emerges from shadows of oak,
and sits on stone bench by small trickling stream
to watch him grimace as he curls his hands.
"We cannot channel bright electric light
for though our bodies are powered to life
by energy sparked from food, our frail cells
would be destroyed by flash of lightning bolt.
While our bodies are formed from sparkling atoms
that compose this world, nothing but our brains
are conscious, for this organ of perception
alone can perceive, aware of itself.
Our brains design ideas of all forms
we perceive to organize in world view
complex clusters of atoms that mutate
in constant process of chemical change.
Atoms form bodies of minerals and organs
based on number of electrons that spin
around nucleus, so forms that exist
evolve from random assembly of quarks.
No divine purpose guides our way on path
of predestined fate through maze of this world
for we perform based on organic urge
of hunger and desire to copulate.
We act within context of natural force
that operates based on mindless rules of physics,
controlled well by chemical interactions,
so we act based on knowledge about nature.
Magic is a fantasy that only fools
believe is real to escape desperate fear
that we all cease to exist when we die,
so wake from fear and embrace vibrant life.
God is a mask of Pathetic Fallacy
because we project our own conscious sense
of self, expressed by willful mind of hope,
at vast universe of planets and stars.
Perceptive brains of all organic creatures
alone are conscious in this universe,
so we are God evolving into life,
waking from eternal dream of desire."

Kneeling before Christine on temple stone bench,
Rick palms his hands and prays with sincere love.
"You are true immortal goddess of wisdom
incarnate in body of mortal woman,
so I discard fantasies of my hope
and accept as true vision you express.
You and I, dreaming now in this vast world,
are spirit of God and Goddess alive,
so we should savor sweet pleasure of life
in romantic friendship before we die."

Laughing and caressing his freezing cheeks,
Christine kisses him mouth, so they relax
together on bench and watch shining moon
float among clouds that glow with lightning flash.

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