Saturday, January 16, 2016

Godhood In My Being

Godhood In My Being
© Surazeus
2016 01 16

I can never figure out if I am
a liberal conservative for the past
or a conservative liberal for the future.

I remember when atoms of my body
sparkled in lakes, hummed in trees, glowed in clouds,
and whispered ancient songs in flowing wind.

I become my ten thousand fathers one
whose desires wove the vision of my mind
so I waken their Godhood in my Being.

Literature of life is always about
personality of amazing people
and how we perform in drama of life.

Though individual atoms are not conscious,
when atoms are woven into vast networks
of neurons that resemble galaxies
they generate our conscious sense of self.

Man is created in image of God
as Child is gendered in image of Parent
for we create our children from our hopes
just like Prometheus and Frankenstein
created Phoebus and Hamlet from mud.

Ideas, archetypes, and universals
are concepts our brains design using tools
of language to represent with images
special forms of nature that we perceive
to organize complex reality
in a simple and manageable world view
so we can apply profound principles
of construction and destruction of action
to engineer vast structure of our world.

When your world falls apart, broken by storms
of desire for experience of sweet pleasure,
build your new world from ruins of great truth.

I am nothing more than a bag of meat
who dreams the entire history of our species
and types words in poems to record those dreams.

We are crickets gathered by national pond
singing personal songs in communal choir
for our song itself is our joy of living.

While Muslims long to return to Mecca,
Jews long to return to Jerusalem,
and Christians long to return to Rome,
I long to return to lush ziggurat
where Ishtar first taught us all how to sing.

Till then, I return to Mount of Athena
and celebrate her divine quest for Wisdom.

Our mothers assemble meat of our bodies
from material of food, thus we express
passion of hunger so blood can sustain
chemical operations of strict growth,
generate new bodies for ancient soul
of vibrant genes to live again in children,
then our bodies fall apart and disperse
our sun-forged atoms to fertilize flowers.

I fall from blazing star in beams of light,
slither as rain and clump into thick soul,
transformed from seed into apples on limbs,
then sustain chemical process in this body
when I eat myself, and wakened from dream
to sing and dance this timeless hour of joy
in sparkling glow of conscious love, till death
scatters my soul in wind that blows my dust
in swirling atmosphere of outer space
where I float forever in empty void.

This Godhood of my Being that I describe
applies to you and every dreaming soul
who ever lived and will live, seeking joy
of pleasure through infinite song of hope,
on every planet of vast universe
so look in my eyes and know we are God.

When I return to this place of laughing waters
just rename me He Who Watches Rain Dance.

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