Friday, January 8, 2016

God Waking From Dream

God Waking From Dream
© Surazeus
2016 01 08

Our nation seems to seethe with discontent
when ancient church of privilege and power
constructed huge on white skulls of dead gods
cracks and crumbles at tides of hungry hope.

Old stale world view that saw the universe
as centered on this world and noble man
manipulated by all-powerful God
who makes mankind suffer by divine will
was shattered by the magic wand of sight
which Galileo forged from polished glass
and showed that stars are not affixed to shell
of bright rotating crystal sphere first moved
by angry deity who demands love,
but burst from singularity of light.

Huge galaxies of giant burning stars
spiral out forever from hot Big Bang
so swirling gas accumulates in world
where scheming creatures that crawl stream of light
rise tall from lake of dreams at dawn of time
and pluck sweet fruit from tree of life to eat,
then sing sweet hymns of awe at glorious sight 
of sparkling stars that forge thick molecules
which cluster tight in rings of carbon lust
to generate our brains from web of eyes.

No god existed in vast universe
till we evolved from hairy talking fish
who walk upright and make things with our hands
for we assemble in tall ring of stones
to dream long history of changing forms
and realize we are god waking from dream.

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