Sunday, January 17, 2016

Eye Of Television Prism

Eye Of Television Prism
© Surazeus
2013 03 04

Broken door that leads to countless strange rooms,
I see through eye of television prism
spreading rainbow wings over factories,
though lightless glass on tower window sill
reflects ocean waves that carry wood boats
away from island of lost dreams, yet all
stories forgotten because words are smeared
by screeching tires I watch on silver screen,
unless I walk away from asphalt streets
to sit on grassy hill outside tall fence
bristling barbwire, and listen to dead prophet
singing how we have got to get ourselves
back to that garden in paradise lost
where rotten apples covered by green flies
in clanking refrigerator encase
seed of faith that could crack cement foundation
of world empire, so one physics textbook
should explain meaning of my paper heart,
then we found eyeless robot in cathedral
of broken glass walls rewriting old bible,
so we sail leaking boat on river of why.

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