Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Together Mute

Together Mute
2015 08 05

Extension of eyes to perceive soul flash
of steel rebirth from swamp of aching hope,
when he exchanges mask of names each day
before he walks cold urban street of doors.

She walks tightrope of razor blades through maze
of soul-devouring eyes that pierce her mind,
even though she wears iron mask of love,
and locks glass doors that access dignity.

Without his bag of tricks, he invents tools
that help his hands construct empire of thought,
sand castles that shimmer on beach of lies,
and he laughs where artificial bird flies.

She sews ten thousand words on shards of glass
and assembles puzzle of language code
that calculates love and faith she designs,
then programs doors to open on command.

They face each other on the bridge of glass,
exchanging masks they wear a thousand years,
and weave words in gusts of colliding wind,
together mute by Tree of Life that died.

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