Monday, August 3, 2015

Platon founds the Akademeia

Platon founds the Akademeia to study philosophy:

"Call me Platon, for scope of my research
in nature of life is broad as bright sky
that gleams from crystal sphere of shining stars.
We gather here in warm Elysian grove
where long ago at dawn of Hellene dream,
Athena, whom we reverence with love
as representative of logical thought,
walked this sacred ground, contemplating truth
about nature of people and this world.
Walk beside me in footsteps of Athena,
and we will discover mysteries of life
in this grove where brave Akademos dared
defy King Theseus when he raped young Helen,
and revealed her location to her brothers,
and thus saved Children of Graikos from death.
This grove of olives, on bright river shore,
glows with divine spirit of wise Athena,
so we shall glow with inquisitive urge
to study essence vibrant inside objects,
and discover secrets in how they work
in relationship with Oneness of All."

From Ideas of Aristokles Platon
from Hermead Vol 4

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