Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fifth Element Aither

Fifth Element Aither

"We know four geometric shapes exist,
basic particles in triangle form,
but when I wonder what binds them together
I conclude through progress of linking steps
that some fifth element of cement state,
similar to air, must be required
to activate nexus of compact accord
which aggregates elements in constrained forms.
We mortal humans on terrestrial sphere
breathe gusting air that animates our souls,
but immortal gods of celestial realm
breathe pure ethereal light, personified
by Aither, son of Erebos and Nyx,
so I nominate fifth element Aither.
Five geometric solids I envision
formulate shapes of four base elements
and one Aither connecting them with light
from strict patterns of connecting triangles
that construct design of ideal forms,
which sculpt material in existing things
to generate this world of flowing life."

from Ideas of Aristokles Platon
from Hermead Vol 4 Coming Soon

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