Thursday, August 13, 2015

Epic as Mental Programming Bible

Epic as Mental Programming Bible

I cannot deny that while writing my epic poem Hermead about the lives of philosophers, I often felt like I was a Harry Potter type wizard at a university in medieval Europe who was composing a Homeric epic about the history of philosophers and scientists as wizards.

My first ancestors to America left England in 1630 near the end of the English Renaissance, a young woman named Anne Bradstreet who wrote poetry in the early days of Puritan New England where she lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The 11 generations of my ancestors from Anne to me moved westward over 300 years across the American continent till I was born in Oregon in 1964, always moving into the wilderness away from the encroachment of civilization. Therefore, my psychological development developed on a different path from the civilizations of Europe and eastern America over the past three centuries. Thus I came to realize that my psychological makeup maintains a Renaissance mindset in midst of this technologically advanced Modernist world.

In a way my composing this epic about philosophers and scientists is my way of reprogramming my psychological view of the universe so that, in tracing the development of scientific thought, I can catch up to the advanced view of the universe that forms the basis of the scientific view of Naturalist Humanism.

I am having lots of fun learning about philosophy and science as I compose narrative poems about the lives of philosophers and scientists. I hope others have as much fun reading the stories as I have writing them. My epic is my mental programming bible that recounts the psychological history of our scientific development over the past few millennia.

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