Thursday, August 13, 2015

Spark of My Awareness

Spark of My Awareness
Hermead XVII:6266-6283

"Spark of my awareness, that I am me,
must shine from pure eternal source of light
that permeates vast universe of space,
and beams from central core of throbbing world,
eternal and infinite glow of mind,
conscious creator who wakes inside me,
and concentrates ray of knowledge and wisdom
through organ of my mind so I can sense
my small self as one part of everything,
and also sense its vast eternal self,
for I am one leaf on enormous tree.
One leaf I am on tree of human souls,
and though I bloom, whisper my thoughts in wind
to sing my soul for my short time of life,
then flutter dislodged from community
of humankind, and putter lost on shore
of changeless world, I rejoice that my mind
shines awake to taste beauty of this world."

from Ideas of Aristokles Platon
Hermead Vol 4, coming soon

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