Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Variety of Life

Variety of Life

Aristoteles to his wife Pythias
talking about explore Lesbos Island:
"Tell me about lush island of your dreams
so I may envision your playful life.
How many secret groves with flowing pools
sparkle in shadows of wind-rustling trees?
What rich variety of animals
play in shadowy woods of hidden vales?
What types of bright flowers and fruitful trees
sprout from pungent soils of its hills and dales?
What kinds of birds and lizards populate
its expansive trees and glimmering swamps?
I want to observe and investigate
special flora and fauna that inhabit
every pond, valley, hill, meadow, and beach
that frames curvaceous space of island world.
Our Kosmos teems with rich variety
of plants and animals in multitude
of sizes, shapes, and colors, yet they all
share common features in family groups."

from Causes of Aristoteles
from Hermead Volume 4, coming soon

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