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Synopsis of the Episodes in Hermead Vol 4

Hermead Vol 4

Epic Poem about Philosophers

Synopsis of the Episodes

XVI Void Of Demokritos - 4,352 lines of blank verse

Demokritos grows up in Abdera where he studies with the Khaldaian magician Ostanes. After Ostanes dies in the cave of Orpheus, he studies with the philosopher Leukippos, and learns about his new concept of Atoms, uncuttable particles that constitute everything that exists. Traveling to Athens to study with Anaxagoras, Demokritos studies with Philolaos instead, then travels to Miletos where he studies Monism at the school of Thales. Demokritos travels to Aigyptos where he meets Suryathi who takes him to her homeland India where he studies the atomist philosophy of Kashyapa Kanada. Traveling together, Demokritos and Suryathi visit Ur and Babylon, where they meet Artaxerxes, then must escape a priest angry about his philosophy of atoms. After meeting Sabazios in Kappadokia, they arrive home in Abdera where he continues the school of Leukippos until his death.

XVII Ideas Of Aristokles Platon - 8,310 lines of blank verse

Platon hangs out with his brother, listening to Sokrates talk about philosophy, and is inspired to write dialogs that star the Silenian gadfly who questions everything in his search for wisdom. After Sokrates is tried, convicted, and executed for blasphemy, Platon flees Athens with his friends, sailing to Megara, Kyrene, Aigyptos, and Taras, Italia where he attends various schools to learn geometry and astronomy. While in Taras Platon is invited to Sikelia to teach philosophy to the tyrant Dionsysios who sells him as a slave, so he has to fight as a gladiator in Kyrene where his friends buy his freedom. Returning to Athens, Platon establishes the Akademia and teaches philosophy of Ideas to a growing coterie of brilliant thinkers and students. Platon goes twice to Sikelia to teach philosophy to Dionsysios II but fails to convince him to be a philosopher-king. On his deathbed, Platon passes the Akademia to his nephew.

XVIII Causes Of Aristoteles - 6,912 lines of blank verse

Aristoteles explores with his friend Philippos, whose father is king of Makedonia, then goes to see his father who is a doctor at the court hospital, but his father is dying. His uncle sends him to Athens where he studies at the Akademia of Platon for twenty years, exploring nature with his friends. When Aristoteles is passed over as head of the Akademia, he travels with his friend Hermias to Aiolis where his father is king. Aristoteles falls in love with Pythias, and they spend several years exploring the flora and fauna of Lesbos Island with Theophrastos. After Hermias is killed by the Persians, Aristoteles takes his family to Makedonia where he becomes tutor for young Alexandros and his friends. Philippos and his father form the League of Korinthos, and Aristoteles founds a philosophy school in the Lykeion in Athens while Alexandros conquers the world. After Alexandros dies, Aristoteles flees for his life to Euboia where he dies.

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