Thursday, May 18, 2017

Our Universal Spirit Of Light

Our Universal Spirit Of Light
© Surazeus
2017 05 18

Sitting outside my office at lunch time,
while on the phone talking financial business,
I glanced at the pearl sky and saw huge clouds
shaped exactly like a white unicorn,
elegant face on a tree-bough curved neck
with knotted mane flowing in feathered wisps,
long pointed horn from a passing jet plane,
and one great eye of gold blazing light
when the sun beamed through at just the right spot,
that gazes still in the depths of my heart
which flushed my soul with pure infinite love.

While staring astonished with beating heart
at apparition of the divine spirit,
which prophets for millennia claimed exists,
and thinking how to disconnect the call
to photograph this vision of the Light,
which my brain invented from random swirls
of moisture gleaming in the boundless sky,
the clouds dispersed, so the weird vision vanished
while I listened to talk of interest rates.

I felt my soul spread out in beaming rays
to vibrate with all atoms of the world,
as if some universal spirit sees
my face and knows all the dreams of my mind,
and then I felt every person alive
pulsing with life on our vast spinning globe.

Yet though I know the universe of stars
has no consciousness in coherent mind,
clouds are nothing more than swirls of rain drops,
and the sun nothing more than beams of light,
yet I felt energy of every atom
that forms the spinning Earth on which we live
spiraling in threads of transcendent spirit
straight through dirt and air and water and light
connecting my small isolated soul
to the undulating soul of our world
and all the souls with conscious dreaming minds
who live at this hour of chemical change
on all the planets of our universe.

People of Earth, I give my solemn word
that I saw this unicorn spirit gleam
for less that one minute in the vast sky,
so that from my little spot on this globe,
while in just the right place at the right time
in my polar perspective, I perceived,
at one moment in the whole span of time
through over four and a half billion years
our planet has spun around the bright sun,
this vivid vision of the unicorn
appear before my eyes in the vast sky
out of all the shapes that clouds have performed,
which I failed to capture with my eye phone.

This bright vision of the unicorn spirit
will gleam perfect in cells of my brain
until death snuffs the clear flame of my soul,
but no one else who ever lives on Earth
will ever see this vision I perceived,
except for those who read this poem I wrote,
though every brain who envisions my dream
will design their own version of the spirit,
and so billions of unicorns will dance
in swirling clouds that flash across the sky,
for we are but dreams in the Eye of Earth.

All conscious brains that shimmer with dreams
together weave one web of singing souls
in our universal spirit of light.

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  1. "Dreams in the Eye of Earth" - now, there's a concept.