Thursday, May 25, 2017

No Clocks Are Ticking Time

No Clocks Are Ticking Time
© Surazeus
2017 05 25

Somewhere the ancient mountains of the sky
explain truth to me without human words
so when I look in water I know why
we are the children of wild singing birds.

My trudging feet will blaze new trail of tears
my followers pave into highway of truth
so now I wear god mask to hide my fears
on spurious promise of eternal youth.

No clocks are ticking time on forest trees
when my love letters glide on evening breeze.

Though Kathy walks dark city streets alone
she cannot find Apollo anywhere
until she sees the boy who plays guitar
shining gold in the street lamp of her heart.

She takes his hand and leads him to the stream
where every star she shows him has a name,
but he fears she is no more than a dream
who offers him the key to power and fame.

No clocks are ticking time on forest trees
and tower is locked though I have many keys.

When Paul is walking streets of cobblestone
he sees in the halo of a street lamp
the face of the fairy he left behind
so he carves her statue from shining words.

When Albert walks from wasteland labyrinth
he kneels before statue of Liberty
who puts old stringless guitar in his hand
so he walks everywhere to sing her tale.

No clocks are ticking time on forest trees
while honey drips from eyes of singing bees.

King Midas struts in White House oval room
to crown gold statue of his daughter queen
while Prophet Merlin cries out spells of doom
though Robin Hood drives the empire machine.

When our titanic ship of state strikes greed
and sinks into the ocean of despair
the haughty captain escapes on a broomstick
but Icarus cripples his wings of pride.

No clocks are ticking time on forest trees
since we play chase to kiss in garden maze.

The witch in blue jeans climbing moss-green stones
guides blind Apollo to her tower of books
where he composes magic spells with runes
that reveal how quarks are taut coils of light.

I feel the nuclear pulse of blazing stars
beaming bright in vibrant cells of my brain
and coils of cosmic energy spring high
to motorize my quest around the globe.

No clocks are ticking time on forest trees
yet we must evolve through next divine phase.

When I was standing on the college lawn
I looked for heaven but found stars instead,
so I stripped off the mask of my childhood
and dreamed secret name I could not yet sing.

My ancestors walked west to Oregon
so I walk east to mountain of Ishtar
to find the mask she gave me at my birth
and now I feel the spirit of the Earth.

No clocks are ticking time on forest trees
where we are chanting timeless hymn of praise.

Sun Spider goddess weaves our world from rays
of beaming light that spring in coiling genes
so eye of dream evolves our singing brain
while we tend trees of fruit on river plain.

Though kings may rise and fall in waves of power,
each haughty man pretending to play god,
the mother of our souls in lonely tower
writes all our names and deeds in Book of Life.

No clocks are ticking time on forest trees
though we explore the world on surging seas.

I feel the vibrant energy of life,
in every throbbing atom of my soul,
remember time since it was forged in flame
that writhes in harmony from sacred name.

I hold your hand and look into your eyes
to understand the secret of your soul
and still we dance on mountain of clear skies
to weave our genes in new immortal whole.

No clocks are ticking time on forest trees
yet we dance tangled in our loving gaze.

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