Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Eating Sweet Pears

Eating Sweet Pears
© Surazeus
2017 05 15

The boy stands alone in old misty woods
and sings strange sorrow tearing at his heart.
Stars fall from the sky and crash on the Earth,
and crack the mountain that falls in the sea.

The boy climbs the tree and plucks ripening pears
and fills the basket dangling from his arm.
Rain streams down the steep slopes of granite peaks
and fills the valleys of bones with new lakes.

The boy floats alone on the pristine lake
and names every star he sees flicker bright.
Wind scatters seeds he arranged on the table
which sprout into pear trees on the lake shore.

The boy jumps startled when dark shadow moves
and crouches alert in the quiet grove.
Sunlight gleams through gold leaves fluttered by wind
and reveals woman formed from floating specks.

The boy glides through the woods in careful search
for the presence who watches him with eyes.
His mind conjures spirits of people whispering,
though his eyes see his own face in the pool.

The boy piles skulls of everyone who died
in ring of stones beside the sparkling stream.
The raven explains why people must die
so their bodies become pears on the tree.

The boy forms river mud to match the face
of the woman who gave him his lost name.
The face of his mother stares blank at him
and he almost hears her voice in the light.

The boy watches rainbow beam after rains
that drench flowers with drops soaking his skin.
The world is messy with sorrow and pain
but we seek pleasure in eating sweet pears. 

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