Monday, May 8, 2017

Labyrinth Of Dreams

Labyrinth Of Dreams
© Surazeus
2017 05 08

Whether wise philosophers who design
economic programs that benefit all,
or arrogant clowns who manipulate
power of law to steal wealth from working hands,
kings and presidents who try to control
surging tides of human desire with reins
of ambition to nourish national life,
rise and fall in the long current of time,
while men and women who discover truth
about the nature of our world and minds,
and express their visions in formulas
that aid our quest to comprehend the Light,
guide our way through vast labyrinth of dreams
to paint paradise inside our own hearts.

Whether devils who present glamorous lies
to lure us from safe garden of fruit trees
and lock our hands with chains to mine for gems
in sunless underworld as slaves of greed,
or saviors who free us from binding chains
and lead us blinking back to the real world
where we join hands and sing with grateful praise
then work together in communal walls,
one man always gains power over each group,
exploiting us for his own private gain
or teaching us skills to create our wealth,
on ancient quest to comprehend the Truth
where we wander through labyrinth of dreams
to build paradise inside our own hearts.

Whether tyrants who spark our national pride
to band as loyal warriors who defend
our fatherland against all foreigners
while hiding in castles of bleeding stone,
or messiahs who wield the flaming sword
of honest justice to battle cruel monsters
and welcome wandering refugees to garden
where we share stories of ancestral gods,
tribal leaders appear and disappear
in ceaseless turning cycles of exchange,
possessed by eternal spirit of power,
divine essence of god in human flesh,
who leads us lost through labyrinth of dreams
to chase paradise inside our own hearts.

Whether scientists who investigate
the deepest secrets of our universe,
conducting tests to verify their thesis,
and devising theories to describe truth,
or curious detectives who follow clues
and organize facts to weave web of actions
by tracing effects back to their causal agents
to solve crimes and thus administer justice,
seekers for arcane wisdom employ logic
to assemble puzzle that reveals truth,
then change beliefs to match provable facts
by adjusting their ideology
to navigate through labyrinth of dreams
and find paradise inside our own hearts.

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