Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I Feel Our World Spinning

I Feel Our World Spinning
© Surazeus
2017 05 17

I feel our world spinning wild into night
when all the working people of the land
who drive circles, searching for rainbow gold,
gather before the palace of the king
and call for Zeus to hurl his thunderbolt
that frees us from the clown who steals our souls.

I feel our world spinning far beyond right
when the three stooges play kings from the east
to visit the shack of the new-born king
and steal all the money his mother saved
to build their new wall around church and state
where the clown crowns himself king of the world.

I feel our world spinning faster in spite
when Tweedle Dum King of America
fights with Tweedle Dee King of Korea
over whose dad gave him the bigger crown
until Rapunzel in the Tower of Greed
steals both eyes from the clown with serpent tongue.

I feel our world spinning higher in flight
when Melusine, Queen of the Evening Land,
gives us all apples from the Tree of Life
while chanting hymns in the cave of Sainte-Baume
where Mary Magdalene the Mermaid rules
after she outwitted the clown at chess.

I feel our world spinning with tangled kite
when Angels who were born from mountain snow
unite with Devils born from desert sand
to help lost kings Tarzan and Robin Hood
drive money changers from Temple of Godin,
then elect Rapunzel our next President.

I feel our world spinning deep into light
when Orpheus appears on Woodstock stage
to sing, we are the bridge between the ape
and the Superman who lives in our hearts,
since I found the Holy Grail is the Girl
who reincarnates the soul of God as Clown.

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