Thursday, May 4, 2017

First Cave Of Our Song

First Cave Of Our Song
© Surazeus
2017 05 04

The sparkling sun spins around in my head
so I sing transformation of our souls
beaming outward from the glow of the sun
as we weave atoms into spinning world
where we swim forever in shining waves
then follow silver light of flowing stream
to stand on the shore of the mountain lake
and pluck red apple of the sun to eat.

First Mother of all souls who dream with eyes
wakes in the mind of everyone alive,
remembering when she crouched on emerald stone
and gazed at the forest of wind-blown trees
teeming with giant spiders and insects,
so she climbed tree vines toward vast empty sky
and squeezed large sac of eggs from swollen womb
to cradle children in gleaming moonlight.

I can still hear the keening of her voice
ringing from the core of my beating heart
as I clung to her breast on curling vine
while breathing deep sweet wind of laughing leaves,
but she lay down, exhausted by travail
from gathering berries for us to eat,
and never woke again, so aching hope
vibrated from my heart in howling song.

Through ten thousand generations of Me
we gain eternal life through body birth,
spreading out from the first cave of our song
to climb every mountain around the world
and dance on every river shore at dawn
then gather fruit to feast in ring of stones
where we chant in harmony of desire
so our children live on after we die.

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