Saturday, May 27, 2017

Faceless Sky

Faceless Sky
© Surazeus
2017 05 27


While I am leaping through the multiverse,
spiraling through the eyes of glowing mirrors,
I find Descartes on vast Cartesian plane
racing photon-winged ship on rainbow beams.

Before Merlin and Gandalf can weave wires
of world wide web in network of our brains
Rene extends long arm across abyss
and snatches me from surging waves of time.

Together standing on wood sailing ship,
we watch the fabric of space and time fold
atomic undulations through tight maze
of flashing eyes to reveal mask of God.

Whispering from words printed on ancient book,
Rene reveals process of logical thought,
"That eternal God Christians worship is
malignant genius who controls our minds."

Pointing at cities heaped with people killed
by missiles fired from jet planes, he exclaims,
"Odin their war god wears the mask of Jesus
while he hurls thunderbolts at desert wizards."

Gazing at the White House on river shore,
I see men in the Oval Office wear
mask of word wizard and become star god
who battles demon of chaos and fear.

"I see Time Lords from one first father born,
Adam to David to Jesus to Meroveus
to Plantagenet Presidents of Zarathi,
Jehovah ruling the nations of Earth."

Swirling hands to generate Yin-Yang,
Rene opens portal through time and space,
so we leap from Statue of Liberty
to Cave of Shadows where Ideas glow.

Ancient wizard with three eyes of gold fire
opens book that beams blueprints for all objects
that glow like movies on the cavern wall,
then Plato offers us each glass of wine.

"Each individual man," Plato murmurs,
"is temporary surge of material being
on endless flowing tide of human kind,
so men live and die but Man lives forever."

Looking down at my hands that dance on keys
of computer keyboard to express spells
that beam visions in eyes of unborn readers,
I feel atoms sparkling light in my cells.

"I remember sitting in the tall tree
by the singing sea when I felt sharp pang
of hunger, so I reached out my left hand
and grasped the apple glowing with sunlight."

Merlin throws my apple that blazes bright
like red meteor streaking across the sky,
and Gandalf swings wand he carved from oak wood
to smack the apple that expands Big Bang.

"I reached out my hand to grasp the sweet fruit,
but from shadow slithered serpent of lust,
so I snapped sharp branch and twirled in the wind
to fight the dragon and stab its hot heart."

Rene holds stick and draws circle in sand,
then draws grid of lines from still center point,
and explains the abstract structure of space
that expands from singular Eye of Light.

"Point is zero dimension of the seed,
line is first dimension drawn between points,
plane is second dimension drawn from lines,
and space is third dimension drawn from planes."

I move forward in motion of desire,
urged by will to action sparked in my mind
and thus I surf the waves of natural change,
flowing with straight transformation of time.

"Time is the fourth dimension drawn from space
when singular particles flow in waves
of vibrant harmony through sea of light,
coagulating in organic brains."

Merlin snaps his fingers, and lightning strikes,
then laughs, "So beaming photons of light bend
around aggregates of atomic spheres,
attracted to gravity of my heart."

Looking up from book of spells contained
in jiggling runes, I see ghost of old sage
appear as apparition of my mind,
and Plato laughs in Cavern of Illusion.

I see them all, apparitions of sages
who lived thousands of years before on Earth
gathered in shimmering temple of light,
actors waiting for me to direct play.

The bubble of my vision vanishes,
and I stand alone at midnight in rain
while walking nowhere on deserted streets,
so I pause and stare at the faceless sky.