Thursday, May 4, 2017

Angels Gone Blind

Angels Gone Blind
© Surazeus
2017 05 03

Wind blows green rain that stings his flinty face
like bitter tears of angels who went blind.
Brim of brown fedora protects his eyes
that blink at sudden flash of light through clouds.
"I hate that metaphor that presents rain
as symbol of bitter tears, because water
causes seeds to sprout into trees and flowers,
restoring life to hearts dead from despair."

Red and blue lights flash quick on red brick wall
so he steps around blind corner to see
two policemen aiming guns at young man
who raises both hands while backing away.
"Are you going to shoot me because I am black?
I am a student at the university,
and I stayed at the library too late
studying for my physics exam tomorrow
to catch the bus, so I am walking home."

Aiming Galaxy phone, he opens FaceBook
and hits record to stream the video live,
then holds stock still while he captures the scene
of policemen aiming guns at a black student.
"We are arresting you for stealing cars,
so raise your hands and lie flat on your stomach."

The young man clutching backpack backs away.
"I am walking home minding my own business,
so you keep stopping me because I am black.
The last time you police arrested me
I proved my innocence of any crime."

The policeman fires three bullets that strike
his chest and stomach, causing him to fall
and bang his head against the rusty mailbox.
Blood spouts hot from the gaping wordless wound
to form river that gushes into a flood,
and drowns the world of cities in blank mist.

Zooming view of his phone with finger slide,
he focuses recording on the body
of the young student slouched against the mailbox.
"I think the police killed an innocent man.
You can see the blood gurgling from his mouth."

Young policeman hears his voice, so he runs
and snatches Galaxy phone from his hand,
slams it at the ground, then stomps on it hard
with his boot, shattering the screen to shards.
"Recording the police is against the law.
Turn around and place your hands on your head.
I am now placing you under arrest
for obstructing justice, so you best comply
since you know what happens if you resist."

Slamming his face hard against the brick wall,
the policeman locks his wrists with handcuffs,
drags him stumbling in the cold gusting rain,
and shoves him in the back of the patrol car.
"I love America, land of liberty,
freedom of speech, and equal justice for all.
At least I know my video streamed live
on FaceBook for all my friends to observe.
I think it is a sign of my white privilege
that they shot him but just arrested me.
Now I can watch raindrops flow down the window
like the bitter tears of angels gone blind."

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