Thursday, October 6, 2016

Our Shattered Cosmology

Our Shattered Cosmology
© Surazeus
2016 10 06

When Copernicus proved that our world moves
spinning slow in circles around the sun,
he shattered the simple cosmology
of crystal shells bright with fountaining stars
forged by Aristotle and Ptolemy
that supported Christian theology
teaching that Jesus is the Carpenter
who crafted our world from Ideas of Plato.

When my ancestors sailed the sea of storms
to flee Avalon, drenched in blood of men
who fight for freedom against royal tyrants,
we journeyed west into the wilderness
to build new heaven of sweet fruit on Earth,
but we invaded Eden and destroyed
that paradise with greed for fertile land,
then drenched its soil with blood of Onatah.

We journeyed west four hundred years to flee
expansion of empires with blasting guns,
and seek new home far from rich Babylon,
but when I kneeled at sunset on lush shore
of Boise River, to wash my soul clean,
I stared at my face reflected from water
that fell from silent sky, and realized
we are alone on this huge spinning globe.

Those crystal shells, that Aristotle taught
surround unmoving world, shattered in shards
of doubt that stab my heart, so now I stand
alone on nameless hill under bright stars
that swell from fountains of matter to suns,
enormous balls of flaming gas that blast
waves of energetic atoms in rays
that weave ten billion worlds with conscious life.

I climbed high mountain of wisdom to seek
true nature of this universe of forms
and broke through crystal shells to see vast space
stretch far beyond all neat measurable bounds
to find our world spins wild around huge sun
which spirals swift around vast galaxy of stars
unnumbered as grains of sand that gleam gold
on a thousand beaches where ocean waves
sing true name of our immortal gene soul.

More than one hundred billion stars gleam bright
in one small galaxy where our sun burns,
and billions of galaxies spiral swift
in one enormous billowing balloon
of our blazing universe, surging sphere
of pulsing energy that throbs with life,
and our world, once central at core of being,
now shrinks smaller than minute grain of sand
on boundless sea beach of this universe.

Two thousand years we pictured in our minds
simple cosmology of our one world
unmoving at center of spinning spheres
where small stars spewed fountains of elements
which congealed in living forms, but our model
was shattered, and now we all feel so small
and insignificant in boundless space,
so we drink wine and dance on river shore,
then laugh at absurdity of all life
to savor bittersweet horror of love,
when we realize with enlightened surprise
we must design our own meaning for life,
which frees our hearts to love without reserve,
for since we will die and cease to exist
we shall play and sing with joy while we live.

We fled the lost island of Avalon
transformed into vain empire of Britannia
to live in peace in fertile wilderness
with true liberty and justice for all,
but we transformed into the world empire
we escaped in our search for paradise
when we fought bold fascist tyrants of hate,
and now I stand in golden evening light
on shore of peaceful lake, gazing at stars
where billions of worlds just like our lush Earth
foster organic life of conscious creatures
who sing with me as they gaze up at stars.

I hold small clear crystal sphere in my hand
and gaze into its vast galactic eye
to dream the history of our universe
beaming from sparkles of its molecules
which reflect the face of each conscious soul
who woke for their short hour of inspired dream
on every planet in our universe,
and I sing their name and deeds of their life
as they fall like rain drops in sea of light.

We repair our shattered cosmology
when we generate new life, and accept
we are frail flame that glows for its brief flash
of conscious love in boundless cold expanse
that sprouts from hunger of transforming time,
thus our songs vibrate in atoms forever.

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