Sunday, October 23, 2016

Abyss Of Death

Abyss Of Death
© Surazeus
2016 10 23

I lie flat on the lake shore of the world,
staring out at infinite silent sky
while sun threads light through the eyes of my soul,
and feel our huge planet thrum as it rolls
forever forward toward abyss of death.

I remember ten million lives ago
first crawling from the sea of swirling light
to gasp for breath on the warm pulsing shore
and meditate in dawn mist after rain,
hoping to avoid the abyss of death.

I transformed through four hundred million years,
swinging in fruit trees, dancing in waves,
herding cows, racing horses, fighting wars,
and building global empire of machines
to transcend doom in the abyss of death.

After believing for two thousand years
that Jesus would return from realm of light
and resurrect us to eternal life,
I realize he is dead while I live now
for no soul escapes the abyss of death.

Halfway evolved into angel or god,
I lie again on the shore of the world,
and accept that we all will die at flow
of undulating atoms that spin time
and vanish lost in the abyss of death.

While I begin to fade from dream of life,
singing with swans in the twilight of hope,
I see my children blossom into love
to generate children after I die
as we dance on toward the abyss of death.

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