Saturday, October 8, 2016

American Empire: Liberty, Equality, and Justice for All

American Empire
Liberty, Equality, and Justice for All

Simon Seamount

I do not view American civilization as an isolated or new process, rather I see it as the continuation of dynamic socio-political forces that began in Greece around 2,600 years ago, with the golden age of the development of Greek philosophy, although even those forces are the later segment of the river of civilization that sprang forth over 10,000 years ago.

The most prominent character in the history of the development of our society is Jesus, whom I see not as a supernatural god who rose from the dead, but as a man descended from the ancient kings of Israel who attempted to take the throne of his ancestors but failed and ended up designing the church as a new way for a king to be a self-less leader of his people, ruling in their minds no matter where they live rather than ruling over land where some people happen to live.

In my view Jesus the Fisher King was married to Mary Magdalene the Mermaid and their descendants through Meroveus, Arthur, Constantine, Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, and Edward Longshanks have ruled over all the kings of Europe the past thousand years. They are the founders of the bloodline of the Holy Grail, where this term originates as the phrase San Graal which was mistaken for, or purposely coded to hide the original phrase Sang Raal, meaning Royal Blood, shortened from the phrase Sang Israel. The family of the Holy Grail are the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene which includes just about everybody of western Europe descent.

Jesus was god to all the kings ruling Europe the past thousand years because he was their ancestor, while the whole aspect of his rising from the dead and reigning among the crystal shells of Aristotle was a theological argument based on the eternal forms and Ideas of Plato.

Christianity is the political party of the descendants of Jesus with the basic ruling principle that only the bloodline descendants of Jesus have the right to rule over the kingdoms of the world, and their continual and continuing goal has been and is the complete domination of the world. After his descendants had ruled Europe for over a thousand years, the recent two world wars were the almost complete destruction and overthrow of the ancient dynasties of Jesus and his sons.

All the presidents of the United States are descendants of Jesus through William the Conqueror and his descendant Henry II, and in every election the person with more Plantagenet genes always wins. Even the candidates in the current game of thrones election cycle are both descendants of James II of Scotland, descended from John of Gaunt, son of Edward III.

Political forces in America continue from the political forces in England. All the presidents spring from the York and Lancaster families who contended for power over England in the War of the Roses, which was won and resolved through Henry VIII, and then England began its rise to become a global empire with the reign of Elizabeth I, the Fairy Queen of Avalon, which ended with World War II and the reign of Elizabeth II.

In the current election cycle in America, though both are Plantagenets of the Holy Grail, we have an arrogant, misogynist rapist who cheats small business owners by not paying them for work they perform and cares only for his own gain, a reflection of Henry VIII the Beheader, versus a humble, compassionate, multiculturalist who genuinely cares for everyone, a reflection of Elizabeth I the Guardian of Virtue.

The political system in America is a near exact replica of the power system that developed in Europe at the core of Christendom over a thousand years where the papacy, as a continuation of the ancient fisherman priests and the emperors of Rome, is mirrored by the federal government of Washing with the President as the Pope of the American religion of Liberty and Justice for all, whereas the contentious kings who ruled kingdoms across Europe are mirrored by the individual states asserting their sovereign rights against the encompassing and unifying power of the papacy and the federal government.

The socio-political forces of the American civilization are a continuation of the socio-political forces of Christendom, and we remain the "shining city on a hill" envisioned by John Winthrop on the ship Arabella as he lead Puritans to found Massachusetts in 1630. My ancestors Thomas Dudley, Simon Bradstreet, and Poet Anne Bradstreet were on that ship, believers in that vision which has been guiding the rise of America the past four centuries.

As I look back on almost 400 years of the growth of America from a "shining city on a hill" to a global empire, I wonder how we will transform beyond these old paradigms to change into a society that treats every person with equal justice and provides equal opportunities to education and employment so we build a system that reflects our core principles of Liberty, Equality, and Justice for all.

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