Sunday, October 30, 2016

Empty Graves

Empty Graves
© Surazeus
2016 10 30

Cassandrus walks streets of America,
wandering nowhere in every city maze,
and whispers prophecies that no one hears
which calculate fate through cause and effect,
while police shoot a thousand people down
whose skin is dark as the soil of the Earth,
and our tears wash the cities bare to bones,
but no flowers blossom from empty graves.

Though Hermes gave him brand new boots to wear,
and Athena, who escaped from glass tower,
gave him movie camera to record truth,
Cassandrus stands barefoot on busy street
and watches millions of our faces blend
blurring into one universal face,
then whispers prophecies about each fate
Cronos carves on tombstones of empty graves.

When Bacchus tries to climb the pyramid
of world power, after groping Aphrodite,
and stumbles into temple on Olympus,
Cassandrus whispers prophecy of doom
how wise Athena will cast him from wall
he built on skulls of slaves, so he will fall
nine days and nights to crawl in cave of Pluto
where cheaters scream to escape empty graves.

Sighing in the bombed-out cathedral hall,
where statues of dead gods stare from our souls,
Cassandrus clutches body of his Muse
abused by hands of Bacchus when he sat
on throne of Zeus and proclaimed himself god,
then carries her into deep surging sea
where she becomes the current of our dreams
though we lie together in empty graves.

Though Bacchus carries spike with head of Zeus,
while strutting in the temple hall of time
to prove that he is confident and strong,
Cassandrus swims in river of lost souls
then breaks the Gates of Eden at dawn
to free angels slaving in apple trees
who gather on the pyramid of eyes
while everyone sings in their empty graves.

Just when Bacchus steals new crown of Apollo,
and declares himself Emperor of the World,
Athena plants olive tree in his skull
and leads army of Amazons on march
along hidden river of paradise
to overthrow the patriarch of stone
who proves he is frail by acting so strong
while children plant seeds in their empty graves.

I could not believe prophecy of doom
and our rebirth on Phoenix wings of light
though Cassandrus stood firm before my face
and revealed secrets of playing chess with Death,
but now I walk the labyrinth of change
to follow Athena on way of truth
when she ascends the pyramid of love
and shows me my face in my empty grave.

When Athena wears the crown of Ishtar,
and teaches me secret of evolution,
how stars forge molecules in womb of fire,
and weaves all forms of life on planet Earth
from beams of atoms that sustain our souls,
Cassandrus shows me my face in old mirror
of blazing sun to reveal soul of god
who lives in us all, born from empty graves.

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