Saturday, October 8, 2016

Eyes Of My Soul

Eyes Of My Soul
© Surazeus
2016 10 08

We are random clusters of singing atoms
who dance sweet hour of love on spinning world
then vanish like frail flame in wind of death
who looks in my heart with eyes of my soul.

I explode from black seed buried in soil
and reach ten thousand fingers to drink light
then mold juicy apples from mud and rain
that wake me from death with eyes of my soul.

She grabs my shoulders and kisses my mouth
to fill my heart with hurricane of light
that beams star rays from my colorless eyes
to replicate Earth with eyes of my soul.

I crawl in rain toward tree on hill of grass
and build high tower from crystal bones of time
where she suckles new baby at her breast
who looks back at me with eyes of my soul.

When First Mother rises from Lake of Dreams
she assembles my shell till I am whole
then sings how we evolved from flowing streams
that gush from fountains in eyes of my soul.

These atoms that hum in web of my brain
were forged in womb of our Mother Star
who teaches me how to sing dreaming spells
that sparkle visions in eyes of my soul.

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