Monday, October 17, 2016

Bob Dylan In Disguise

Bob Dylan In Disguise
© Surazeus
2016 10 17

When I stumbled from the blind cave of death
I thought I saw Orpheus on sea shore
dancing by the stream of tormented souls
but when he turned from gazing at the sun
I stared into the vacuum of his eyes
and saw he was Bob Dylan in disguise.

He leaped across the abyss of despair
and with a mocking laugh I followed quick,
then ran together through the crumbling church
where Jesus struggled to escape the cross
who soared into apocalyptic skies
because he was Bob Dylan in disguise.

I soared with Jesus to the crystal shells
that Aristotle forged with tongue of fire
and, singing spells, we broke out through his cage
to fly forever toward infinity
but fell from heaven past wild swirling skies
to wake up as Bob Dylan in disguise.

I woke when Athena kissed my star soul
and followed Bacchus to the ocean shore
where Mercury lead me through the bright door
and revealed how all life is sparked by stars
and though his face shines down from mirror skies
I know he is Bob Dylan in disguise.

Now Mercury leads me through city streets,
where every wounded stranger that I meet
is but some ancient god wearing new mask
who wakes with wild consciousness of coiled genes,
to play role of Phoebus in morning skies
cued to replace Bob Dylan in disguise.

Just when I thought my precious time was gone
and I would never see another dawn
cute Calliope stripped my ancient face
and gave me my own Homer mask to wear
to sing of rainbows beaming storm-cleaned skies
since Orpheus was Bob Dylan in disguise.

So when I broke through temple door of doom
to kneel before the altar of despair
I stared in bottomless abyss of hope
and dreamed my own eyes looking back at me
but see my face mirrored from empty skies
that vanished with Bob Dylan in disguise.

I stand alone on pyramid of eyes
and relate the lives of philosophers
whose songs revealed the true nature of things
composed of atoms pulsing with god light
so now Orpheus descends from our skies
and chants spells as Bob Dylan in disguise.

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