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Friday the Thirteenth: Birthday of American Democracy

Friday the Thirteenth: Birthday of American Democracy

Tomorrow, 13 October, is 709 years since Friday the Thirteenth of October 1307, the day French King Philip the Fair and Pope Clement V attacked and destroyed the Knights Templars, who escaped to Scotland and transformed into the Frere Masons, Brother Masons, now called the Free Masons. Betrayed by pope and king, the Masons established Protestantism and Democracy and advocated for Freedom of Speech and Religion for all. Thus Friday the Thirteenth, remembered in American culture as a Day of Horror, is the birthday of American Democracy.

Below is a poem I wrote about this in 2007, the 700th year anniversary of the Birth of American Democracy. I shared this poem during a discussion that day with a group of Free Masons at the Lansing Masonic Lodge No. 33 in Lansing, Michigan, where I became a Mason in December 2001.

Friday Thirteenth Of October
© Surazeus
13 October 2007
Lansing, Michigan

Seven hundred years ago a grim day of horror
on Friday Thirteenth of October in 1307
our forebrothers Knights Templars of Solomon
serving Holy Grail family from Sang Israal
were arrested and tortured and then burned
by cruel greedy Philip Fair King of France
who wanted to control their treasure banks
and his puppet Clement Bishop of Rome
who wanted to steal their fertile farm lands.

Jacobus Molensis Grand Master and Navigator
was shackled in dark dungeon and tortured
then paraded on trial accused of vile crimes
but he stood tall and proud before God and men
proclaiming Truth and exposing their weak lies
so they burned him in crackling flames of fear
as he cursed king and pope to join him soon
in heaven before face of Jesus in judgment.

Knights Templars scattered far from France
seeking refuge in swirling mists of Avalon
where strong masons carving mountain stone
gave them shelter in network of secret lodges
and taught them how to build castle towers
so wearing apron with compass and square
they worked hard when soldiers of cruel kings
came hunting for knights of blood-red cross
who hid away safe in humble lodges of masons.

Guarding sacred Skull of Sidon from skeleton
of Marya Magdalena first mother of Holy Grail
Baphomet and Sophia Queen of Wise Faith
Frere Masons sailed ships over Atlantic waves
with secret treasure of genealogy documents
and names of her descendants from King Jesus
flying black flag with her skull and crossbones
to explore hills and lakes of brave new world
they drew on maps used by Cristobal Colon
to colonize America with new ideals of Liberty.

Betrayed by king and pope Templars declared
we need no king so each man will get a vote
to choose who leads our council of decisions
and we need no pope or bishop selling pardons
for each man may commune alone with God
seeking path of salvation along his own Way
without going through faithless gates of church
thus fostering Protestantism and Democracy.

Masons funded translations of Holy Scripture
in languages for common people to read tales
of noble heroes defending tribes against hate
so working man may read scripture for himself
to challenge power-hungry men who twist
texts in Word of God for their personal gain
giving every man freedom to understand well
grand vision of progress on road of salvation
we walk following light to improve our souls.

Gathering on shore of shining river of heaven
flowing by throne of lion king on Angel Island
we climb winding hills of Avalon to sing
in ring around Glastonbury Tor in red sunrise
wearing white robes washed in his sacrifice
to save his people from chains of oppression
as we protest against greed of corrupt men
in robes of church fathers bearing swords
and fight for liberty to live in pursuit of truth.

We gather around white tower on a green hill
where girl in red robe holds grail in her hand
singing whom does Grail serve with noble heart
and we chant Grail Guardian serves his people
guiding them in life and protecting their souls
then we eat bread and drink wine of his blood
and celebrate rebirth of his million children
who live as happy families in many far lands.

Sailing from France and England in wood ships
we explore shores of fertile land to build towns
that sprout and grow over four hundred years
into United States of America founded firm
on principles of democracy and freedom for all
as we declare I will defend to death your right
to believe truth as you will for every nation
and religion on this wide world was created
by one true Great Architect of our Universe.

Brother George Washington stands on hill
in Virginia lowering corner stone into place
as he dedicates new foundation of Congress
proclaiming we build this Temple of Truth
dedicated to freedom of religion to worship
one eternal God in thousand ways of men
in memory of those who died in raging fire
on Friday Thirteenth of October in 1307.

Seven hundred years after that day of sorrow
we stand together in silence in Mason Lodge
and remember noble sacrifice of those men
who fought for centuries against greedy men
to protect their families and right to live free
earning labor of their hands in fertile fields
and worshipping Eternal God as they wish.

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