Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Another Shooting Incident

Another Shooting Incident
© Surazeus
2015 12 02

We have no words to scream despairing hope
as we all sit alone in lightless homes
across our land from sea to shining sea
and stare at glowing television screens.

Another man whose heart has bled to stone
erupts through door of frail security
and howls aggressive bullets from his tongue
that splatter souls of innocents on glass.

Now numb from shock of endless massacres
we cannot weep for nameless people killed
in yet another shooting incident
that plays out tragedy on evening news.

Your prayers mean nothing to vast empty sky
where no all-powerful god on shining throne
hurls bolts of lightning to stop angry men
from shooting up another gathered crowd.

Who marches through dark streets of active faith
to cry demands with anguished heart of fear
at men who count blood-gold from selling guns
to angry men who fire religious hate.

Gathered around Statue of Liberty,
we cry out for lawful action not prayers,
for marble tablets where old laws were carved
lie shattered on dark fields of civil war.

We ride fast spinning wheel of history
when all our sacred idols fall in storm
transforming social order with new rule
that all human beings act with equal rights.

Join hands to form united tribe with love
and fight against merchants of death and hate
to reestablish social state of peace
where we all create rather than destroy.

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