Saturday, December 5, 2015

Singing Woods Of Avalon

Singing Woods Of Avalon
© Surazeus
2015 12 05

We spiral down in flashing clock of eyes
and cuddle with kittens on patch of grass
where Tree of Life towers high over lush plains
to catch swift bird of lightning with soft laugh
who whispers secret of eternal life.
We play in singing woods of Avalon.

I climb seven steps of enlightenment
from forest floor, spiraling on thick limbs
around tree trunk to hidden house of eyes
where we eat apples and chant ancient hymns
which record names of everyone who lived.
We play in singing woods of Avalon.

Vast network of treehouses once spread wide
in web of bridges through forest of oaks,
centered on Globe Theater that was built
over Stone Henge where our Fairy Queen reigned
till crackling fire reduced our dream to ash.
We play in singing woods of Avalon.

We fly with ravens in twisted oak limbs
and run with wolves along bright winding streams
to dance with goats around warm crackling fire
while Taliesin strums harp and chants new spells
revealing key to indifferent calm.
We play in singing woods of Avalon.

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