Monday, December 28, 2015

Invisible Faces We Wear

Invisible Faces We Wear
2015 12 28

We are the children of forgotten suns
who gather in the city streets to cry
against the arrogant clowns who wield guns
and claim that they control the earth and sky.

We are the ones who never rise from death
and dance with Dionysus in bright flames
where rock-star Messiah catches his breath
and designs for us whole new set of names.

We are the serious fools who drive fast cars,
chasing rainbows on the highways of wealth,
while prophet of sound bites blurs out our stars
so we must escape from church using stealth.

We are the voiceless with non-colored skin
who sell our privilege in the market game
to keep on playing chess, but never win,
proud nobodies wearing masks of fake fame.

We are lost characters from ancient plays
that no one now can play on stage of time
while our kids chase after the latest craze
and rap magic spells that pretend to rhyme.

Look in the mirror of our camera eyes
and see our faces blur from changing words
for we are nameless ghosts and blinded spies
who vanish from television as birds.

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