Thursday, December 10, 2015

Honor Song For Coyote

Honor Song For Coyote
2015 09 10

When sunset bleeds across the western sky
and spirits of the dead rise from singing trees
to dance in the wind of true love I breathe,
I know a great warrior ascends to stars.

I hear a lone coyote howl of sorrow
blow wild in a heart-aching honor song
across the ancient hills of Turtle Island
when John Trudell walks on into the sunset.

John stands alone on bleak Alcatraz Island
where spirits of his wife and children dance,
then visits each home sea to shining sea
with holy fire to light our feasting hearths.

John dances like an eagle on the hills
on top the broken television tube
and leads us in a chant that shakes the world
as flowers bloom from the hills of his heart.

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