Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Seventy-Million Dollar Salvation

Seventy-Million Dollar Salvation
© Surazeus
2015 12 29

While the preacher wearing shiny blue suit
strides across stage before large cheering crowd
and preaches that if we all give our hearts
to Jesus he will raise us from foul death
and take our souls to dwell in paradise
for all eternity in light of love,
Don stands, tosses his Bible on the floor,
then walks outside into gleaming sunlight.

Pausing on the steel bridge of secure faith,
Don stares into the fast-flowing river.
"Does my heart ache with love because I know
eternal obliteration of death
could destroy my body at any time
and thus disperse my soul of sparkling atoms?
I had to leave because my aching heart
cannot bear to hear his disgusting lies,
because Jesus told us to sell our things
and give money to help poor people live.
Next he will argue that to attain grace
of salvation through proof of loyal faith
we must give money with generous love
because Jesus came to him while he prayed
and told him we must purchase for his use
new sleek and shiny private jet that costs
seventy million dollars from our pockets.
Instead of building this giant cathedral
larger than three football stadiums in size
we could have built thousands of nice new homes
for homeless people who crowd city streets.
This preacher who presents himself as friend
of Jesus and prophet he sent to Earth,
is nothing more than a charlatan and thief,
who takes our money but gives nothing back.
He promises that we shall rise from death
if we give money to the church of Jesus,
but all our money goes into his pocket,
and he lives in a large many-roomed mansion
while we barely survive in humble homes.
There is no afterlife after we die
so we suffer now so he lives well now.
This holy preacher is the Anti-Christ."

Walking back to giant shining cathedral
of gleaming glass, Don strides up center aisle,
and shouts loud with enthusiastic faith
as he leaps up stairs and stands beside preacher.
"Jesus calls me to fulfill holy mission
to destroy Anti-Christ who walks this world
disguised as holy man who begs for money.
Jesus tells me to destroy evil man
who deceives you with hateful lies and greed."

Raising both his arms high, as preacher shouts
with praise, and cheering crowd proclaims Amen,
Don raises gun to head of shouting preacher
and blasts his brains across the shiny stage.
"The Anti-Christ is dead, and his foul lies
will no longer deceive your faithful minds."

Howling mob of holy Christians attack,
running on stage to grab his arms and legs,
and tear Don apart, ripping off his head
so his blood splatters their noble church suits,
then spike his head on the podium mic
where his eyes stare in dark abyss of truth.

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