Thursday, December 3, 2015

Religion Of Truth

Religion Of Truth
© Surazeus
2015 12 03

I walk long ancient gallery of dead souls
where endless twilight gleams from dreaming eyes
and pronounce names of every face I see
of those who lived and died since time began.

All living beings who walk upon this world
that spins alone through black infinite space
sprang from one mother in sea of dreams
who whispers spell of hope to live again.

One single mind who senses gleaming light
divides whole cell of thought to replicate
mirror image of her new-conscious self
who dance in swirling spirals of loving joy.

But gusting waves of thoughtless wind submerge
her glowing eye in bottomless abyss
and long she aches in emptiness of fear
till ray of light appears in wiggling hope.

With kiss of aching love he penetrates
her dreaming eye with sparkling star that cracks
calm mirror of infinite love to sprout
swift express wings of propelling desire.

From one singing egg of perceptive love
we multiply in every special form
of conscious creatures who crawl from dark sea
to walk light-enveloped surface of Earth.

First Mother rose from lake of dreams at dawn
and reached two hands to grasp sweet fruit of life
and consumed matter of sunlight and rain
that nourishes her body and bright mind.

She lives reborn in every dreaming mind
of germ, plant, insect, animal, and man,
creatures generated from seed of love
who consume each other in hungry hope.

We live and die in cycle of rebirth,
waking for our brief dream in swirl of time
to savor pleasure and then suffer pain
on quest for secret of eternal life.

How can I navigate this dangerous world,
avoiding disasters and angry killers,
to find my loving mate and replicate
our souls in children we teach truth of life?

We are all formed from bright vibrating atoms
that beam from swirling sphere of glowing light
when rays of love coagulate as Earth
and weave our brains from strands of flashing stars.

Come gather close on river shore at dawn,
drink fruit juice, and hold hands in ring of stones,
then sing hymn of evolution through love
that binds our minds with religion of truth.

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