Sunday, December 27, 2015

Glass Half Full

Glass Half Full
© Surazeus
2015 12 27

This glass half full of water that shines gold
in sad sunset flames, would you describe
this clear glass as half empty or half full?

Rain fills my glass full so it overflows,
spilling from vast infinite dreaming skies.
I drink half the rain and watch the world shine.

Who gave us the clean rain for us to drink?
Would you say that God created this world
and gives us rain from the love of his heart?

No one gave us the rain, for rain just falls.
Sunlight heats ocean waves that form white clouds,
and wind blows them over land where rain falls.

No one gave us the rain, but I dug sand
from the river shore and fired it to glass.
I fashioned this glass from bright sand and flame.

God is a vision of our tribal father
who danced wild and laughed, singing in the rain.
Would you like a drink? I saved you some water.

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