Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Way In Broceliande Woods

Way In Broceliande Woods
2015 07 08

Laughing as he drinks another cold beer,
Thor swings his hammer to smash our door.
"Because lunch is a delusion of faith,
that believers in love insist is real,
you and Epicurus on the gold stage
of world fame, with nameless communes where clowns
entertain the religious and insane,
teach us to analyze what we perceive,
although atoms are composed of bright quarks.
You see if I do not kiss your lost wife."

Riding the white lamb on the field of mines,
Robin Hood blows the plastic horn of war.
"Marion left me last year for your son
when I realized I am the one foretold
by ancient prophecies to rise from death
and unite all nations in one world empire,
so turn the channel on your network pad
and watch me crucify your last messiah
on the only standing telephone pole,
and turn him into a wild ninja cyborg."

Turning away from the mirror of lies
that reflects the vanity of movie stars,
Marilyn Monroe winks at me and grins.
"I will marry you, if you crown me queen,
and parade my mind like a plastic doll
to prove my superior intellect
when I sketch on the napkin of your pride
the true Grand Unified Theory of Physics
that proves we are all but a hologram
in the computer simulation chamber
of a numberless door in halls of Heaven.
Now hand me that camera so I can steal
image of your soul, which might just transform
me into your perfect Barbie doll bride."

Awakening from vision of my house,
where spiders of light reweave all mistakes,
Mary Magdalene kisses my three eyes.
"I transform spirit of tribe god into flesh,
while sitting alone in cave near Marseilles,
and teach you how to construct boats from trees,
so sail the river of dreams to explore
this wild nameless land of mountains and lakes,
and dig bright gems from cavern of dead souls
to capture spirit of infinite truth
that guides your way in Broceliande woods
where the Lion Queen with the Sword of Truth
will crown you king of our wandering tribe.
There you will find Merlin who will teach you spells
for conjuring castles of stone from clouds,
and Taliesin will teach your hands to play
the Harp of David and sing magic spells
that summon Melusine from water well,
and she will transform your soul into god."

Snapping seven strings on the Harp of David,
Taliesin reaches his hand in my head
and twists the dial to change my channel brain.
"Follow me in misty Broceliande
and stand on the shore of the silent lake
where the woman in white with serpent eyes
will swallow your soul in her fertile womb
and transform a new body for your soul
so you live forever beyond blind death,
and you will forget your true secret name
till you are standing in green midnight rain
on the hill of lights at the end of time,
and cycle back through the ages of man
to remember how we evolve from fish."

Gazing at the audience in the stadium,
Pharamund whispers and flashes his eyes
at cute girls who swoon at his heart-throb charm.
"I stop at the door of the clean glass house
where rain pours over the tables and chairs
then walk back outside in the sunny day
where the Phoenix bird with elegant eyes
gives me a ride around the Earth nine times
so I see where my ancestors were born,
and dream their journey for ten thousand years
over mountains of ice where apple trees
bloom ripe from soil of sorrow and hope,
so I scatter its seeds on river shores
as I walk from the Dzungarian Alps,
following the daily trail of the sun,
to dance with you in Broceliande woods.
I remember every step of the way
since we woke at dawn by the lake of dreams
and heard the stars sing words that name all things."

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