Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hungry Sea

Hungry Sea
2015 07 09

Cars shining gold in the cold morning sun
swirl around me in spirals of blank eyes
when I walk cement sidewalk to my job
arranging books on shelves of memories
we lost long before we were even born.

Hiding among the romance novels, safe
from the eyes of my kind tolerant boss,
I text my best friend forever to plan
which wild poetry readings and art shows
to attend after we all meet up for drinks.

I linger by the front door, watching streaks
of orange rain smear my happy memories
of childhood, playing soccer at my school,
and hope no weird man shoots me in the head
while I am walking in innocent hope.

This world could be so beautiful and free,
I told Cheryl while we were eating lunch,
if people would not try to force their wants
on people who have a right to live free,
like gulls gliding over a hungry sea.

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