Friday, July 3, 2015

God Is Us

God Is Us
© Surazeus
2015 07 03

God is an invention of the human mind,
conflating several forces and phenomena
that we observe at work in the universe,
mindless forces of nature and political power.

Men see the sun shining and causing life,
and see the wind blowing and causing life,
and see the rain falling and causing life,
so they conclude those forces of nature
are conscious and causing life to occur.

Men see things moving and causing things
to move and thus causing other things to move,
so they conclude there is a Prime Mover
who first caused everything to move and live.

Men see every group of men and women
controlled and organized by a wiser man
who reigns over them by force of his strength
or by power of his intellectual wisdom,
and judges over disputes between people,
and manages projects to organize well
social process of production through ritual.

Men conflate these mindless forces of nature
and social positions of power to invent
concept of God as the great creative force
who creates and manages the entire universe.

Our universe is an enormous cluster
of sparkling atoms that spiral and aggregate
to form clouds of gas that form burning stars
that crush atoms together to form molecules
that interact based on number of electrons
and thus form planets that revolve around stars.

Thriving on the surfaces of rich planets
that revolve just the right distance from the sun,
organic life develops through natural processes
of chemical interactions between molecules
based on number of electrons that conform
vibrant structures of their spinning bodies.

Thus there is a natural creative force of life
that evolves from single atoms to complex forms,
but this creative force is not conscious nor alive.

Consciousness is a function of complex brains
that perceive light reflecting off all objects
and generate virtual worlds to reflect real world
in models of real things within neural networks
of atoms that beam visions of things they perceive,
and thus each creature who wakes from dream
and becomes aware of itself as alive and real
creates a model of the universe in its mind.

Vast collections of atoms in galaxies and stars
are not conscious of themselves as alive
but they interact in natural processes
of chemical interactions based on number
of electrons that form organic creatures
whose eyes and brains collect memories of action
and then glow with cognitive conscious awareness.

Humans saw the sun and wind providing life
that seem to act with consciousness we possess,
so they described natural forces as gods,
then humans saw tribes and nations of people
are always controlled by one powerful man
who claims to be greatest authority on Earth,
and so we conflate both concepts in one God.

God is an invention of the human mind
that conflates the mindless forces of nature
with the process of controlling political power
and thus man creates god in his own image
and imbues him with supernatural power
to create and manage the existence of all things.

The universe is assembled by a creative force
but that force is not conscious nor alive,
while we humans are the only ones alive
on this spinning ball of dirt, air, water, and fire,
and we are the ones conscious of ourselves,
thus we are the gods who now control nature.

God is the conscious creative force of love
who wakes up inside our dreaming minds.

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