Monday, July 20, 2015

United In Our Love

United In Our Love
© Surazeus
2015 07 20

The young girl curled up on soft pampasan,
alone in a small house in a country town,
somewhere by a lake near an empty highway,
scrolls through pictures on her glowing tablet.

"Though we all live scattered across the land
in distant towns from sea to shining sea,
my family is united in our love,
gathering on Face Book to share our lives."

Smiling sad, she clicks thumbs-up to express
how much she likes their pictures that reveal
exciting adventures in parks and towns
that appear so bright on the world wide map.

"I never met these people in real life,
but their lives seem so cool and fabulous,
and someday I hope to look in their eyes
before they all soon die and disappear."

The young girl stands alone by bedroom window,
gazing at the silver moon that gleams bright
over fields of corn that rustle in wind,
and stares at her reflection in blue glass.

"I understand why Tammy, my best friend,
killed herself, jumping off the highway bridge,
but I want to live no matter how bad
things get when my heart aches with loneliness."

The young girl presses her hand on cool glass,
and watches lightning flash blood red and gold
when thunderstorm sweeps across homeless plain,
and she dreams millions drowning in wild floods.

"How many people died in stream of time,
waking from dream and walking solid land
to search for treasure hidden in their hearts,
then disappeared from fleeting flash of life."

Holding her tablet with one outstretched arm,
young girl snaps photo of her smiling face,
then uploads it for everyone to see
her face framed by streaks of rain that flash gold.

"I hope I do not grow old here alone,
and travel far from sea to shining sea
to meet all my family who have no names,
united in our love by world wide mind."

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