Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lion Heart

Lion Heart
2015 07 30

Edwin crouches low in tall wind-blow grass
by swift cold gushing river on broad shore
where sunlight illuminates trunks of trees,
and notches sharp arrow in taut yew bow.

"While my daughter played on this river shore,
I heard her scream in horror, so I ran,
leaping fallen logs, in time to observe
large shaggy lion bite out her red heart."

After waiting three days by river shore,
Edwin closes his eyes and sniffs at wind
when he hears rustling of movement in grass,
sweat of its pelt, and rumbling in its throat.

"You are hunter who devoured my sweet child,
monstrous beast of sharp teeth and ripping claws,
but now I am hunter, though I am weak,
for I can hurl sharp death a hundred feet."

Rising tall and pulling bow string back tight,
Edwin pauses long moment of stark fear,
gazing in gold eyes of infinite truth,
then fires arrow swift as large lion leaps.

Roar of rage bellows in vast silent woods,
then terror vanishes in gasping breeze,
and Edwin stares down, paralyzed with shock,
as hot blood gushes from its sun-gold eye.

"Horrible beast of hunger and despair,
you sprang roaring from my wild beating heart,
and now your fierce spirit of hunting stealth
inhabits my body, so I am you."

Turning away from heap of flesh and bone
that lies quivering on blue river shore,
Edwin gasps at site of small lion cub
who leaps into his arms and licks his cheek.

"Your father devoured my beloved child,
so now I will raise you as my sweet pet,
and you will be my daughter, for your eyes
reflect her cute spirit of carefree joy."

Edwin strides in forest of dancing trees
while lion cub springs along by his side,
then they sit together by apple tree
dreaming in glow of warm afternoon sun.

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