Wednesday, July 29, 2015

President Joker

President Joker
2015 07 19

Free floating on cement cloud of deep faith,
dug through core of ten thousand clanking worlds,
Scarecrow spreads angel wings of asphalt glue
and swan feathers to fly through window eyes
of computer monitors, tangled wires
of seven billion brains linked in one mind,
and stands on gold pyramid of world power
constructed on skulls of children who lost
game of hide and seek in forest of wolves,
then Mute Mechanic replaces his head
with painted mask stolen from King of Hearts
who appears on television at dawn
wearing crown of thorns and jewels while he sings
halleluyah, and we all clap along
with Joker Messiah, laughing with tears,
rides steel alligator of nuclear pride
nine times around our world of broken doors,
and chews our eyeballs like gum he balloons
large as galaxy of atoms who wake,
and then I bow and step off stage of laughs.

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