Monday, July 6, 2015

Nameless Prophet Of Nowhere

Nameless Prophet Of Nowhere
© Surazeus
2015 07 06

Once I walk away from my childhood home,
and follow lone road of secret desires,
the road of life can never lead me back,
so I must continue on to bright dawn.

While standing on the mountain of far view,
I see that every direction I could go
is wide open to possibility,
but I can only go one way in life.

Since I cannot see the fate of each path
that I would meet whichever way I go,
I stand paralyzed, helpless to decide,
because I want love, success, wealth, and fame.

Then I realize, with laughter in wind,
no matter which way I go in this world
I am who I am, doing what I do,
so I sit and never go anywhere.

I will never reign as a glorious king,
I will never heal disease or beat death,
nor enlighten minds of men with new thoughts,
but who cares, since we all die anyway.

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