Sunday, July 5, 2015

Method of Philosophy

Method of Philosophy
Hermead of Surazeus

"I divide method of philosophy
in three distinct aspects of noble search
for truth as dialectics, ethics, and physics.
Dialectics is method of argument
to resolve disagreement about concepts
through rational discourse from all view points
to establish truth about facts of life.
Ethics is talk about customs and habits
to develop standard system of rules
that examine, defend, and recommend
emotional actions that humans perform
which result in construction or destruction
so we know what conduct is right or wrong.
Physics is study about state of nature
through observation to attain true facts
from mathematics and geometry
about how matter moves through space and time
and patterns confine matter in structures
so we understand how Kosmos behaves
according to force of cause and effect.
Using dialectic method of discussion,
we study physical nature of things,
and decide how to behave in situations
that create status of beauty and good."

from Ideas of Aristokles Platon
Hermead Vol 4 (coming soon)

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